Tips to Eat Healthy on Vacation

Six simple tips to help you eat healthy on vacation

Food is always the fun part on vacation, but those calories add up if you travel often. Here are a few simple healthy helps along the way and if you follow your own advice, it can work.

Track What You Eat

My Fitness Pal

Don't underestimate those vacation calories so use the My Fitness Pal app and website to help you stick to your goals. It can help you figure out your target calories based on your goals and amount of exercise. It includes a huge database of foods.

Go Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Book a room with a refrigerator and stock it with healthy foods. Shop before you leave home, when you arrive or arrange for grocery delivery. Grocery stores have fresh, ready-to-eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for healthy picnics, practices, lunches and snacks.

Share Entrées

Entree Salads

Portions are often too large restaurants, so sharing can be helpful and economical. Just ask for an extra plate with the entrée. When you teach your children to share you can introduce them to the world beyond the kids menu, which is typically burgers and buttered noodles. As your children get older it's a lot more interesting to learn to try new things for the menu.

Beware of the Buffet

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

Everyone likes a good salad bar but never stop there. Sometimes you can consume a full day's calorie in a single meal because there are so many tempting options. Avoid buffets unless it's a special occasion or opportunity.

The complimentary breakfast buffet is a different problem. It is always good when breakfast is included but shoes with care. Look for the fresh fruit and whole grain cereals and eggs. If you have a hard time finding a healthy option consider picking up groceries and avoided altogether.

Pack Water Bottles

When can always consume too many calories in a drink. The drink pouches and juice boxes are loaded with sugar. Water is always the best option and if you drink eight glasses a day it help keeps the hunger under control as one doesn't confuse dehydration for hunger.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Using packable reusable aluminum water bottles is the best way to go. They are durable, lightweight and don't pick up the odd odors and flavors that sometimes reusable plastic bottles do. On a road trip one can keep a 5-gallon beverage cooler in the back to make refills easy. There are always do-it-yourself water bottle carriers, which make it a fun way for kids to carry their own water.

When You Indulge, Enjoy!

Banana Ice Cream

Good food is part of every good vacation. Try the local cuisine and enjoy great restaurants that you can't find it home. Dessert is a countless way to introduce kids to new cultures.

To have a special wonderful food experience, enjoy every bite without guilt or regret, no matter how decadent. If you make healthy choices most of the time an occasional splurge won't keep you from achieving your long-term goals.