The Top 10 Outdoor Hotel Pools

#1 Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle Pool

Located in downtown Seattle, Washington is one of the most luxurious Four Seasons Hotels. The pool deck may be open all year round, but the best time to visit is from June until September. Guests can expect lavender scented towels, Evian spritzes, as well as complimentary sunscreen, frozen grapes, and sunglass cleanings. Not to mention, the poolside bar and grill service, relaxing cabanas and beautiful views of Elliott Bay, Bainbridge Island, and Olympic Mountains will have your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle feeling like heaven.

#2 Enchantment Resort

Enchantment Resort Pool

Located in Sedona, Arizona is Boynton Canyon’s Enchantment Resort with its very own oversized 78 foot swimming pool. For guests enjoyment the pool is heated to a warm 82 degrees all year round! The scenic canyon views available from the pool’s lounging area are breathtaking. It is extremely easy to pass the time by this impeccable pool while the pool staff bring you cocktails and flatbread pizzas in your private cabana all day long!

#3 The Standard

Standard Hotel Pool

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California is the prized Standard Hotel. The Standard hosts one of LA’s favorite rooftop pools! During the summer The Standard features daily pool parties that begin at noon and carry on until dawn. The pool itself is smaller than average with no gaudy detail but the brick red cabanas that line the AstroTurf deck make all the difference. Not to mention, the parties signature cocktails really set the tone for this hip scene serving German classic beers at its retro chic beer garden. Snacks include pretzels, salads, and brats. The pool is open to hotel guests as well as the public audience, but it is a good idea to call ahead when attending as the some events are purely guest list only.

#4 Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge & Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Pool

Located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is one of the most tantalizing pools at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge. The Lodge hosts the largest hot-springs pool in the World! Everyone is welcome to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun with over four hundred feet of prime pool real estate. Plus, the pool chairs are built right into the springs! People from all over the world travel to this naturally mineral rich pool water for holistic healing and relaxation as the water eliminates bodily toxins and increases your blood's circulation. The pool is open to the public all year round but can cost you up to twenty one dollars at prime time on weekends.

#5 Amangiri

Amangiri Hotel Pool

Located in Canyon Point, Utah is the six hundred acre Amangiri Hotel. You truly feel at one with nature when visiting the beautiful Amangiri Hotel as it was built to blend with its majestic mountainous region. Architects designed the pool to be physically mounted to the rocky mountain side on its third wall. Come check out this pool oasis tucked inside the scenic canyon with its king sized floating day beds and epicly oversized hot tub!

#6 The Raleigh Miami Beach

The Raleigh Miami Beach Pool

Located in Miami Beach, Florida is the Raleigh Miami Beach Hotel, the icon of South Beach! This signature art deco pool is a priceless hotspot that has graced South Beach for the past few decades! In 1950 the pool severed as a backdrop for numerous blockbuster films. The one of a kind shape of this famous pool has hosted several exclusive parties as well as Chanel fashion shows. Its tropical landscape paired with the unique pool shape, countless chaise lounges, and signature mojito cocktails make it worth the $25 public access fee on weekdays and $50 public access fee on weekends.

#7 McCarren Hotel & Pool

McCarren Hotel Pool

Located in Brooklyn, New York is the iconic McCarren Hotel & Pool. Williamsburg’s McCarren Hotel & Pool is home base to Brooklynites and luxurious travelers each and every summer. If you want to see and be seen, than this is the salt water pool to visit during your leisure. This oasis is truly unique to its area and fills up rather quickly during peak season weekends. Luckily, you are able to reserve a daybed up to one week in advance, but hotel patrons have free 24/7 access to the glorious pool! However, non patron admission can run you up to $60 a person.

#8 The Resort at Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill Pool

Located in Newport, California is the wondrous Pelican Hill Resort. Located in the resort's center is its majestic Coliseum Pool constructed with geometric perfection. The private pool offers you one hundred and thirty six feet of circular luxury. What can beat floating in the pool while overlooking the ocean’s coastline? Not to mention, the pool’s noteworthy blue-glass mosaic bottom is an art piece in itself.

#9 The Joule Dallas Hotel

The Joule Dallas Hotel Pool

Located in Dallas, Texas is the edgy Joule Hotel. Dangling eight feet over the buildings frame and ten stories above downtown's Main Street is the beautiful Joule pool. Although, this pool maybe smaller and less prestigious than past mentioned pools, its highlight is the glass walled view of gorgeous downtown Dallas! The pool is only open to hotel guests, so next time you are in Dallas be sure to check out staying at the Joule Hotel.

#10 The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Pool

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada is the trendy Cosmopolitan Hotel. The 3.9 billion dollar hotel opened recently in 2012 and features a Boulevard pool. This high end pool offers its guests panoramic views of Sin City, a stunning concert venue, and sexy A list Dj’ed parties. Additionally, the pool features ‘Dive In Movies’ all summer long, where attendees can float in the pool while viewing Hollywood blockbusters for just $5 a person.