How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade

How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade

1. Be Polite: The best policy that works all the time is to be nice and courteous with the front desk staff. Avoid asking for an upgrade straight away not to appear rude and pushy. Check in staff work long hours, including weekend and night shifts so appreciate that and remember to say "please" and "thank you" often. Do remember that they are the people who have the keys to more spacious rooms, rooms with more windows or beautiful view, better locations, and much more that can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Be Loyal: When it comes to booking hotel accommodation loyalty typically results in free upgrades or nice perks. So consider joining a hotel loyalty program and get a frequent guest status to be eligible for a better room. This way the hotels maintain customer loyalty and in most cases it doesn't cost them much to upgrade the guest who asks about it. In addition, if you have a hotel's credit card, make sure you use it when checking-in. To make checking in easier be prepared with all personal information you may be asked at the front desk, including your account number or email address you used to register.

3. Tardiness May Pay: Early check-in will rarely bring you a free hotel upgrade. But in the afternoon or evening, the front desk employees will already know which rooms will stay vacant for the night and the next few days. When you check-in later in the day, your chances to score a nice perk increase.

4. Try Out New Hotel Chains: In their effort to attract and keep customers recently opened hotels may offer free upgrades to new customers. So sometimes when booking a room at a new property you can get a better perk than from the hotel brand you normally stay at.

5. Book a Mid-Range Room. Booking the cheapest room in the hotel can rarely help get a free upgrade. But if you book a room that is at least one step above the basic room type, front desk staff will be more inclined to offer you a better accommodation. That is because when you order an inexpensive room the hotel doesn't get much profit from you. So be ready to spend more at the beginning if you count on a free upgrade.

6. Mention Special Occasions: If you have an anniversary or birthday it doesn't hurt to mention it to the front desk employee. In most cases they will be willing to please you with a good perk.

7. Be Quiet: Avoid asking for an upgrade when other guests can hear it. Be quiet when you inquire as the hotel employees won't be able to please all guests.